Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 16 – Close Encounters Review

First of all, I want to say sorry because the Ninjas were all on holiday. We all need a week off right? However, this won’t happen again and we promise to stick to our usual schedule.

Now, Pretty Little Liars!

Close Encounters was that kind of episode that causes anxiety and stress, but in a good way. At this point, the girls don’t really even know what’s going on, and to be honest, neither do we. Emily and Hanna are sure A orchestrated everything, as usual. Finding nobody in that abandoned house with a ‘broken window’ was a real turn off.

Hanna is dealing with heartbreak in a very alternative way.


She kisses Travis, and well she is busted by her mum. Travis is a great addition to the mix, but it is a good thing to see him step back and give her time to work through her issues.


In the meantime, Emily is pretty much harassed by Shana, who says that she’s now talking to Alison. The whole story of Shana being mates with Ali was a bit out there, but everything in this show is, so, why not? Emily believes her and goes to meet Alison, not before telling Spencer about it. Good old Spencer follows her and thus comes ‘Emily the warrior princess’. This is the first time Emily has truly lost her temper. EVER!


Points to Spencer, that girl is just so clever! Not only does she tell Emily that Alison is playing her, isolating her from the rest and making her feel special. She also finds out that Ali’s mum is part of the board of Radley. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her boyfriend, who was forced to sign an agreement by Spencer’s Dad!!!!!

Aria’s left for last because the girl needs to get her priorities straight! She tells Jake bye-bye, and she’s back on with Ezra. At this point, he is the creepiest, most two-faced man ever. Ironically, Jake sees Ezra talking to some woman and this leads to him telling Aria. For once, he was confronted!! Don’t be so quick to give Aria a round of applause because apparently, confrontation just leads to eating brownies and whipped cream. Ugh.


Poor Jake paid the price when he kicked a punching bag, and got cut with a bunch of knives that were casually sticking out.


The plate place, do we have one in London?!

Now that Emily and Spencer are not talking to each other there is more to come. Distance means nothing but trouble.

What is Spencer’s dad hiding?

The Ninja’s Assistant


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