Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 8 – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Review


It’s obvious at this point that no one is sleeping in this show unless it’s the eternal sleep. Things in Ravens ‘hood’ have been pretty eventful for a small town. 

Last time we saw the guys, they were all looking for answers about the jars, the knife, the pact. Now they know a bit more, but it seems that every answer comes with more questions.

The knife found in Olivia and Luke’s backyard, is the same knife the preacher had in Remy’s dream. It turns out Remy had been drawing a man with a knife since she was 7, and in good Ravenswood fashion, she gets to meet him. Face to face. Inside a dream. This dream is more like tea time with the enemy, and it is Miranda who ends up saving the day. 




It’s good to see Miranda take a bit more control, (now she can hack dreams), however, it still feels as if she wasn’t the main character. She seems to be so distant from the rest, that sometimes it is a bit annoying seeing her save the day when she really hasn’t done much except being a ghost.

Everyone else is in search of something. Caleb is in search of a book. Unfortunately, when he finds it he gets busted my Mr Price, who no doubt, will eventually have a bigger role in the show. In reality, they could all do with a bit of grown-up help. So far, adults have done nothing but keep things from them, so an ally would be great.


Olivia is searching for answers at the hospital where Springer is staying. Once again, we see her being put down by comments. This time, it was Springer’s mum who tells Remy’s dad she’s up to no good. He then tells Olivia that Springer’s dad went to prison because of her father. Telenovela material right there. 


Olivia might have seemed like a bit of a fly on the wall at first. Now, she is more involved and her taking that step led her to discover that her own boyfriend made Springer plant the knife.

There are answers near, however, I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere. It’s a matter of waiting and seeing what comes next.




Ghosts can’t smell? It never really crossed my mind, but I guess it could be true. 

The clown was creepy. End of story




The Ninja’s Assistant


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