Sleepy Hollow – Season 1 Episode 12 / Episode 13 – The Indispensible Man / Bad Blood Review

ImageSo, the last time we visited the Hollow, the team were musing over the possibility that there was a zombie George Washington on the loose. They put that theory to bed quickly (because it was dumb). It was just a clue to lead Icabod closer to Washington’s grave.

We learnt a lot in this episode, I mean, way too much. Maybe. Molloch wants Washington’s map (why wouldn’t he?), and his little minion Andy tells Abbie that Crane will deliver her soul to Molloch, after he’s been attacked and brainwashed.


Ichabod waxes on about phone companies, and the link between capitalism and software updates in his classic way. The guys take the bible apart after having learned about the Lazarus link, and find there are fake verses, setting in motion the easiest journey ever to the map. I get that Ichabod was close to Washington, and has some inside information, but he might as well be Washington, deducing exactly what to do in three seconds. When they burn the map I was wondering how they’d fix it, and of course, because Ichabod can do everything, he just draws another one from memory.

ImageDon’t get me wrong, I liked the two episodes (apart from creepy Andy, or whatever you want to call the guy).

ImageIt was just a little easy for the guys, plus they walked into the most obvious trap of all time (The things a guy’ll do for his wife, huh?). Crane even tells Abbie that if it wasn’t for Katrina, he doesn’t know how far he’d go. He drops a line sharing his view on hipsters after he throws some clothes out, not wanting to let someone in ironic clothing who makes artisanal marmalade buy his coat from a thrift shop.

The guys then find the door to purgatory, again way too easily, and make their way through to Katrina. They are both tested, and they both nearly fall for it. Surely, the Brits having won the war would have throw Icky off? Guess not. Of course, she was the only person chilling in the church when they got there, safe from all the crazies running around outside.

ImageAbbie stays to let Katrina out, and has a run in with her teenage self. The two sisters didn’t actually blackout when they first saw Molloch all those years ago, because he erased both of their memory and trapped it in purgatory.

ImageThe last five minutes was a crazy whirlwind that made the first hour and twenty minutes seem pointless. One of out all time favourites is back!

ImageThere were a few huge reveals at the end. Not only was the next horseman on the way – War had been there all along. In a big personal reveal, Crane’s son is back in a way he would never have imagined.  Parrish is evil, because no one saw that coming!

It was a fun double header to tie up the season, and even though it had its issues it left us on a big enough cliffhanger to keep us guessing.


See you in season two, Icky.


The Ninja



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