Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 2 – Victor Ha Review


The suburbs are feeling guilty this week. With Dallas and George being no longer the ‘It’ couple of Chatswin, Dalia is left to her sad sad self. Tessa on the other hand is trying to cope with her dad’s guilt. She knows George is her dad, but she feels a bit overwhelmed. That is until George starts to spend time with Dalia, and feeding her Tessa’s lunch. 


This situation has got Tessa quite confused, so she goes to see Dallas to make sure they are in good terms. To her surprise, Dallas is ignoring her! The reason behind it is that Dalia refuses to deal with her mother unless she can hang out with George ‘Daddy Altman’ once again.


On the other side of Chatswin, Lisa has got problems of her own. The poor girl can’t catch a break. When she tries to send her parents to a couples retreat, she gets a new little brother. Victor Ha is a great addition to the cast. Not only is he Lisa 2.0, but he is also a kid, and we don’t see many of those around this suburb. He is the olive to Sheila’s martini. 

Victor, being a wise child, tells Tessa a story about cabbage rolls and how much he hates them. The moral of the story was that sometimes, even if you hate someone, they might need the company and help of someone we care about. In the end Tessa tells Dalia that she’s free to hang out with George and her and Dallas are back to normal.



Malik is back!

Bionicals 101, let’s get it on!

Lisa needs to get something out of this sooner or later. It’s a bit boring that she never accomplishes anything and is always rejected. She is clever, she can do this!

Two words: Eggs Carmenara


The Ninja’s Assistant


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