The Middle – Season 5 Episode 12 – The Carpool Review

In this week’s visit to the middle the whole gang are at it. A classic episode from a show that after five seasons is still churning out good episodes. It’s a show about the heroes of everyday life, and we see that every week.

ImageAxel is back at college for his Winter Semester, and even though he is still failing all his classes, he has a new inspiration for studying. A hot girl in his class asks him for tutoring, not because he’s smart, but because he’s seen Hot Tub Time Machine so many times that he drops a great line about black holes.

Poor Frankie loses her marbles in The Carpool. She attends Brick’s high school and learns that the new push is to carpool and be better to the environment. No one really wants to share the responsibility with her, and she gets thrown into the last group that will have her.

She is by far the worst of the three carpool drivers for the kids…

You’ve got the Madagascar 3 and cookies car

ImageThe dance party car

ImageAnd then you’ve got Frankie

ImageFrankie has to have a heart to heart with Mike after a few of the guys from work say they want to go to the game with him. She gently nudges him towards asking Sue to do something, by telling him that girls can go to watch sports too.

The other mum from the carpooling comes to visit Frankie to speak to her about her timing. The other kids are worried about being late, and if they get a tardy they won’t be able to go to the ‘no tardy party’.

ImageImageAxel’s got some competition, and there seems to be a few tutors popping up on campus. As Frankie says, ‘who knew that all it took was a hot girl to get Axel to study.’ Mums everywhere take note, this is the way to get your teenage kids to study!


Mike does the right thing, and for the first time in what seems like ever invites Sue out for dinner. The poor girl is so confused that she even asks her dad why he’s talking to her. It’s clear that they’ve needed this for quite a while, and it was a really nice touching moment to end the episode. Mike even said he’d go with her to her JP law assembly, something he would never have agreed to before.

The Ninja


– Axel doesn’t get the girl. She’s not too happy that he’s not even really in that class.

Image– Frankie needs to sort herself out. She’s a hot mess!


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