The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 14 – Man Actually Review

Picture 133Living next door to aliens is tricky, but no one thinks what it’s like for aliens to live next door to humans.

Debbie has started business school, and it’s Marty’s turn to take over the house for a while.

While she is in class, trying to stop her teacher from flirting with her, Marty is busy helping Amber. She is still sad about the break-up and it’s dad who tries to make it all better. Perhaps offering to watch Love Actually with her was a bad idea at first, but it’s always cute to have father-daughter time on screen. Especially if that time involves Hugh Grant and ice cream.

Picture 136

Despite trying, Jackie can’t deal with the men in her life anymore. It turns out, that their kind also has a ‘cycle’ but it’s the men who deal with it once a year instead of women. Reggie and Larry are like two teenage girls and Dick is going through the equivalent of alien puberty, so the poor woman is helpless.

Picture 131

Picture 130

Larry makes a Taylor Swift mixtape for Reggie, but he decides it’s best if he writes his own heartbreak song. Sadly, when he performs it Amber walks out right before the end, where he declares she’s his other half.

Picture 135

Speaking of other halves, Marty becomes a bit too honest with Debbie, telling her he didn’t like her when she was a blonde and making criticism towards her clothes. This upsets her at first, but it just shows that a happy family is happy even if they don’t look glamorous all the time. Jackie also has a chat with Dick, telling him he’s her favourite and technically, her other half.

Picture 134


Reggie’s sad hair  😦

Debbie’s quote of ‘College girls dress like depressed mums’ will stick with me forever but her Pretty Little Liars reference was epic.

I look forward to Reggie and Amber getting back together. Actually, I want them to find a new love interest for Amber so Reggie can see how it feels to have competition.#switchup

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