Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 13 – The Tooth Fairy Review

ImageThe main storyline this week was the fact that Bert lost his tooth. We were all like Bert at his age, weren’t we? His line, “I love licking this hole,” got quite a few laughs from the parents. Brad had to go back to the restaurant, because he lost the kid’s tooth. He’s gotta be the only parent ever to not have chucked it in a napkin. Plastic bags just ain’t gonna cut it…

ImageThe funniest part this week had to be when Jackie and Brad started messing with each other about stealing milestones. Guess Jackie was a bit pissed about missing out on the tooth fairy! She wants to take Burt to “make it rain” at the strip club and steal that pleasure from his dad. He’s got a comeback of his own from that one. Jackie’s been waiting a fair while for her Yoga teacher to come back so she can take Burt…

ImageWarren gets his study on with his new girl, but becomes worried when she’s more interested in the books than in him.

ImageHillary bails out to her mum’s house for a sleepover with the girls. Worst friggin’ sleepover ever! Diane’s just the worst. How many teenagers want an amuse bouche? Of course they’re gonna go for pizza!

ImageAgain, this week shows us that Kate is the only one of the parents that is looking for the kids’ approval, and that’s working for her. Maybe it’s because she’s not their blood parent, but she’s in it to win it, and we see that when she helps Warren out with his girl problems. She even sorts out this little moment for him…


It was a good one, this week. Think it’ll get another season?

The Ninja


– Warren and Kate win the quote prize this week:

Warren: “How do my bangs look?”

Kate: “Full Bieber.”

– I was dying when Warren got all excited about his mom sending him kisses. What a dweeb!

– Where’s Meg.


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