Grimm – Season 3 Episode 12 – The Wild Hunt Review


This show is so crazy. It seems like it’s always transitioning and at times it improves but at times it just lacks. This time though, it was just weird. Worth watching, though.

It all kicks off with Rosalee and Monroe going out for a fancy dinner. It already smells like proposal early in the episode, but unlike most tv show cliches, it didn’t happen in the restaurant. He proposed with a clock. It was sweet, brief and very Monroe. She said yes, and from happy we went to a crazy police car chase.


The cops are chasing a man, who eventually kills them and takes their scalps, you know, for giggles.

The whole episode pretty much revolves around Nick and the Portland police department looking for this killer, whose dead count is rising. Men in uniform beware! (that sounded sexy)


Obviously, the killer is after Nick and we find out that he is a creature that collects scalps for power or something. Again, they did what they usually do in this show and dilute the killer story with some plot about Nick’s mum emailing Juliette clues and the ever-so-empty story of the royal family and Adalind’s royal baby. We know nothing about it and we only get a few minutes of backstory every time. Such a tease.

Between Nick chasing the killer and not finding him, we see Monroe dealing with issues of his own. He calls his parents to give them the good news and so we encounter the weirdest phone conversation in TV history. You see Monroe the whole time, and there are no shots of the parents. This makes the audience feel as nervous as him as he is breaking the news.

Picture 30

His parents come to visit, and they hate Rosalee because she’s not like Monroe. She leaves and then, just his luck; Nick shows up! If we thought they hated the Fuchsbaus, they ain’t too fond of a Grimm either.


This is followed by a To Be Continued….


Poor Monroe!!!!!!

The scalping in the bathroom scene was nasty. I’m off to clean my bathroom

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