Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 12 – Farmers Market Review

ImageThis week was no different, and Leslie Knope wanted to take control. Now that her and Ben are working ‘together’, it seems like a great idea at first but it ends in disaster. The Pawnee Farmers market is now open, and Ben and Leslie disagree on a few things.


All this drama leads to them fighting and Leslie unable to separate work from home. This leaves Ben frustrated and obviously feeling like he isn’t good at anything. Standard Ben. 

Mean Leslie revokes one of the selling permits of a farmer. All of this because of his selling techniques, which involved sexy models dancing around the stall. Sex sells; can’t blame him. Ben disagrees with Leslie and they become more and more infuriated with each other. The solution was creating ‘Farmers Market : After Dark’, a place where adults can shop and also have the sexy entertainment that Pawnee craves.


Craving queen Ann Perkins is in desperate need of someone to talk to since Chris is ever-so-positive constantly. She joins the ‘Whine and Cheese club’, a safe place where you can just go and complain while you eat cheese and drink wine. Eventually she takes over the group’s time to vent so they decide to talk to Chris and tell him that Ann just needs a man to say ‘that sucks’. It worked and they seemed happy.


We got to see a bit more of Ron, which is always fantastic, and April made her hubby into a kid’s musician. He is pretty much the new Barney, except he isn’t purple. It was so cute to see Andy perform for the kids and it was a great idea from whoever came up with it. It filled a bit of the gap left by Lil Sebastian.



Ron’s first experience with an ipod.

‘The nipple people’ lolz

The veggie puns at the market where hilarious. Points to you Leslie


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