The Mindy Project – Season 2 Episode 14 – The Desert Review

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Mindy’s still in LA at the beginning of the Desert, dealing with the aftermath of partying with Casey. Cliff dumps her, and she’s determined to go back to New York to win back her man. Danny’s got other ideas, and says that if he’s going to see his old man, he ain’t doing it alone.

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Mindy ain’t too happy when they turn up at his dad’s house instead of LAX, but she gets over it pretty quickly.

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Dr P freaks when he gets stuck in the mens room with Morgan, until they overhear a heartbroken song coming from Cliff’s office. He’s beaten up about breaking up with Mindy and clearly wants to get back with her. The guys try to do Cliff a solid because they think Mindy broke up with him and after dropping a chunk of money on the bar bill, they find out he left her. Workplace romance is always going to be tough, but Mindy takes the biscuit here. She’s getting everyone else caught up in her shiz.

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The most expected twist of the season came at the end of the episode, and was only done to keep us all watching. Mindy and Danny can’t be together, not in the long term. They’ve obviously been angling for this to happen later on in the series, and seeing them make out on the flight was more to do with Danny’s emotions than anything else.

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Who knows what will happen next? We’ve got to wait till April, but my money’s on them taking stock of things and calling it off before it gets serious. Their back and forth is at times the only thing that makes the show worth watching, and if they got together right now, it would ruin everything. Keep in it your trousers, Castellano. The writers are going to want to drag this one out, so don’t get your hopes up Mindettes.

See you in April, Mindy Project.

The Ninja


– Where is Jeremy? I need some British jokes.

– Doris to Dr P and Morgan when they’re stuck in the bathroom : “I always knew this place was a gay hook-up joint.”

– “I can’t afford to put 7 mojitos on my card for a guy who did the breaking up.” Morgan.

– Will Mindy and Danny really get together?


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