The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 11 – 500 Years of Solitude Review

Picture 12Transporting us back to 1490’s Bulgaria did not cut it. In fact, the only thing that saved this episode of the Vampire Diaries was a guest appearance by our beloved Originals. Klaus makes everything better, like a good whisky.

Picture 22

500 years of solitude is what we all went through after this episode. Brains got shrunk to the size of peas after this. The opportunities to redeem the show were wasted. After they all toasted to Katherine, who is slowly dying (bottoms up!) We were all fooled into believing that she was actually going to die. That for once, she was going to stop hurting everyone around her and make the right decision.

Picture 15

Picture 19

Nadia, Katherine’s daughter has a ‘traveller spell’ that can put Katherine inside her body. Katherine refuses in her death bed, and we all bought it. Blame it on the fact that it took them five seasons to give us even a glimpse of Katherine’s life before she was a vampire. We got to see how she had a baby and how her nasty daddy took it away. We saw her falling in love for a very ‘rustic- looking’ Stefan, all the way to her demise and even how Klaus murdered her whole family.

Picture 20

Why now? Oh, because she’s dying, that’s what we all thought! The joy of thinking there was a new plot ahead was very exciting, but it didn’t last long. Elena and Stefan were taken by some travelers, and to resume, Katherine tricks Elena and instead of living inside Nadia’s body, she is now miss Elena Gilbert. The real Elena is inside Katherine’s dying body. Boo.

Picture 24

What is confusing is that, why bring in new characters like Nadia if the writers are sticking to their doppelganger story… still…

This is not Orphan Black or Fringe, and having the same actress portraying different roles is already a bit boring. Caroline and Klaus sexing up the woods was the best entertainment this show’s had in ages.

Picture 23

Bonnie’s plot along with everyone else’s seem so irrelevant at this point that a group encounter with a new villain might be the thing that pulls the show together. They need to move on from this and find new exits because the clock is ticking.


At the beginning of the season Matt was everywhere and now he’s back to his 2-line appearances.

Instead of trying to be so grown-up, the magic of those high society party episodes and Damon being reckless live in our memories.


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