How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 16 – 200th Episode – How Your Mother Met Me Review

ImageSo, it’s the episode we’ve all been waiting almost ten seasons for. Well, kind of. The intro is all about the mother, and so is the episode. What they’ve done is given us a quick snapshot of all the moments Ted had a close call with her in the past, just this time from her point of view.


Turns out she’s also had her fair share of relationship issues, so at least they’ve got that much in common. In a cruel twist of fate, her boyfriend passed away at an early age, leaving her scarred and anti all things love. We see her get flashed by the Naked Man, and it turns out she’s the exception to the rule, the one in three that didn’t fall for it. Can’t say the same for her room-mate, though



She was also in the classroom when Ted walked into the wrong class, and comforted Rachel Bilson after Ted had dropped her. Not only do we see her close encounters with Ted, but we see her failed relationships. A theme of How I Met Your Mother has always been how people react when things go wrong.

Anyone remember Victoria dumping him for someone else? STELLA!?

Anywho, the title of the episode is only a tad misleading as they don’t actually meet, Ted just overhears her singing.


Not long to go now, and surely, they have to meet soon!

Have a good one,

The Ninja


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