Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 16 – Illuminate Review


With a name like Illuminate more electricity was expected. However, we did get a lot of Glo-Paint! 

After a kick-ass new intro, there is Scott’s dad interrogating the whole gang. Satire at it’s best with Stiles and his dad, who made the scene worth watching. And with Stiles rinsing Scott’s dad with jokes and sarcasm, little was found out about what really happened.

Scott and Kira need to recover her phone. As usual, it’s Stiles who has to deal with logistics and get them into the police station at night. Ironically, he’s the one who ends up being busted by Scott’s dad, but the other two got hold of the phone in the end so that’s all that matters.


The episode was all about these dark ghosts and at this point, we don’t know who they are or what they’re doing. They are scary and there is a bunch of them, that’s all the information so far. If you look into their eyes you end up trapped inside their frozen stare, and you get really cold. Ask Lydia and the twin. Frozen like Madonna.


Everybody got a bit of action and body paint in this episode. It was awesome to see them have a bit of fun and sexy times.


Of course, Derek stops the party because it’s at his place (wah wah), and kicks everyone out. Not long after, they realise they all have behind their ear a symbol that looks like a 5 in reverse. Well, almost all of the wolves except for Scott. The ghosts disappear after the sun comes up, and we see Allison’s dad collapse on the floor. He dead.



Turns out though, it was Stiles who discovered that he wrote the message on the board to kill Kira. Our little angel is growing up.



The music was great and for once I’m glad Stiles got some action. Even if it involved orange lipstick

What do you think of the new intro?!

Kira’s plot is still on hold, however I’m sure she will end up saving the day.

Finding a phone charger was really random. Way too random! 



2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 16 – Illuminate Review

  1. I happen to love the new intro! It plays up the fact that this part of season 3 is going to be different and not just because Scott is now an Alpha.

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