Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 3 – Lil’ Smokie Review

Picture 35

Big changes are coming ahead, and they won’t cease to surprise us.

Sally now possesses great power, with the magic book now in her mind! She can pretty much remember millions of spells by heart. This all happened while she was trying to summon her door with a spell. Donna appeared in the process and she burned along with the book. Now it’s all in Sally’s mind. Hopefully all this power won’t make her implode!

Picture 30

It isn’t all bad because she makes Nora’s scars disappear with a spell and she also gets to travel to the past again. This time though, she sees the girl that was murdered in the house along with a message on the wall saying ‘don’t leave me’. Ghostbuster Sally to the rescue!

Picture 37

In another great twist of events, Aidan is kidnapped by Kenny. He is now in charge of all of Boston’s vampires and Aidan is curious to know how. Turns out the kid can compel vampires, so this gives him great leverage. The only downside is he has to eat twice as much as a normal vampire. It was good to know his weakness at the same time as finding out about his great ability.

Picture 32

Josh is still recovering from being a full time wolf. Now, he can turn at will but everyone takes it as a side effect of his ‘stress’. Ugh, come on people! As if you hadn’t seen enough to give him a chance! Aidan was there to back him up and not all hope was lost.

Picture 34

Aidan also finds Kenny’s vampires dead and sees through CCTV (bless technology) that it was Suzanna, his ex who murdered them all. Revenge perhaps? Let’s hope Kenny doesn’t crush her like a piece of paper.

Picture 38


The back story of the house in the 70s was fun to watch.

Let’s wait and see how far Sally’s powers can go.

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