Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 17 – Bite Your Tongue Review


This week’s episode was all about last minute rushes. It all developed towards the second half of the episode. The first half was mainly dedicated to bringing in new characters and new story lines. Surprise, surprise.

Aria’s little brother Mike is now hooking up with Mona. Mind…blown!!! They met at a group in school where people can talk about their issues. Counselling with the new guy, Jesse. Anyone who puts their future in hands of Jesse can’t be in their right mind. Who is hiring the staff at this school?


Anyway, little Hanna who is now the queen of reading James Patterson (kudos to that), makes an appointment to see the dentist. Nothing in this show is at random, the appointment is at the same place where someone, potentially A went to. Turns out when Alison’s death was faked, someone swapped the x-rays of the dental records. Great way to avoid anyone noticing when they switched up the bodies. 

Hanna pays the price because she ends up being anesthetized by A and finding a little note inside her mouth. Hanna, you little raven.

Meanwhile Spencer is trying to score drugs from one of her classmates. Boy was fresh as a cucumber and Spencer instantly knew what was up.Image


With Emily still being super mad at her, she starts to investigate pages of the diary. Mainly photos she took on her phone. She ends up discovering a bar where Ali used to go with ‘someone’. When she sees Ezra there, having beer and pie (just like it said in the diary), she’s already put the pieces together. 


Emily was trapped inside the photocopy room, Xero(x) common sense girl! Her dad ends up climbing to the window and saving her. A’s tricks are getting more and more dangerous. They all end up meeting in Aria’s house and the girls bury the hatchet. It wasn’t meant to last long, not with all the chasing going on.


The police guy wants a piece of Hanna? I am so confused

Metal music playing on the high school speakers… lolz

Why is Mona dressing more and more like a divorcee? Smile and wave..




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