Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 9 – Along Came A Spider Review

Picture 40

After some questions were left unanswered last episode, more questions came up.

Olivia and Luke’s mum has been arrested.. again.. Worst luck ever. This makes Olivia ask Mr Collins for help to get her mum out. No one wants to help them and since he clearly has a massive crush on her, he bails her out.

Picture 44

Also, Dillon is back in the picture when he pops in to say hi to Olivia and explain himself. This was his story: Ministry Camp. It better have been Ministry of Sound because this is ridiculous. She bought the whole story and they kissed. Luke, being her brother goes in search of Dillon and he finds him in the school showers. Dillon tells Luke that he made a deal with ‘someone’, so instead of him dying, Olivia was the one paying the price.

Picture 42

Dillon’s story is confirmed by Caleb and Miranda who sneak into the chapel. Mr Collins is always trying to keep people out of there, but these kids have no limits and they find a way in. They find some names on the floor and one of them coincides with Dillon’s last name. Another set of questions for the puzzle that is Ravenswood.

Remy uses the fact that she works at the local newspaper (owned by her dad) and publishes an article in order to help get Olivia’s mum out of the pickle she’s in and give Springer some peace of mind. Unfortunately the girl ends up losing her job at the paper and the trust of her dad along the way. As she walked around town disappointed (in the dark, as you do in Ravenswood), Remy sees the ghost of a young man, no doubt one of the many souls who have paid the price. Her visual experience didn’t end there because she also saw a very alive Mr Collins having a heated argument in his car with someone.

He saw her and drove off..

Good episode. At least there is more going on and Mr Price came back just like I predicted last week!


The Spider Lady was not quite relevant at this point because she was in the episode for 2 mins!

Those girls who were mean to Caleb, I mean, who is mean to him!!! Look at him!!!!!

Sibling interaction between Olivia and Luke was nice. We rarely see them together and fighting!


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