The Originals – Season 1 Episode 12 – Dance Back To The Grave Review

ImageSo, after learning that Celeste has been there all along (hiding out as Sabine) we spend some time with one of her resurrected buddies, Papa Tunde.

ImageNot only was he a great villain-of-the-week, but he gave us a little break from the plot arc we’ve had for the first eleven episodes. I’ll admit, I was sad to see poor little Davina die (at least for a little while), but I have a feeling she’ll be back pretty soon. I can only think that this episode set in motion not only what The Originals will have to face in the last episode of the season, but also what’s coming next season.

ImagePapa Tunde was roaming around dropping vamps for fun, and all to steal their power. He takes Rebekah down was too easily. Not like she was born yesterday, is it?


He knows that it’s not going to be easy to take on Klaus, having lost to him once, and tries to get a head start. I hope the shows keep on with this Papa theme, because American Horror Story has rolled out some scary time with Papa Legba, and, even a little while back, Grimm had Papa Ghede. There’s something about sticking Papa in front of some ancient witch/monster/demon’s name and making it all the more freaky.


I know I’ve bitched about the flashbacks in the past, but I kind of enjoyed them this week. Not only did they show us what happened the last time Klaus took on Pops. It helped to see (again) how bad ass Klaus can be, because he was made to look like a little girl later on in the episode. When he opened the box talking about two sons, it was just classic Klaus. Their suits weren’t too shabby either.


Rebekah’s not looking great either, but thanks to Elijah and a bit of Hayley’s baby’s blood (don’t even go there) they saved the day in less than a minute.


I have to admit, I’m excited to see what’s coming now. For once, it looks like the original vamps have actually got some competition, and even though the four witches are already down to three, they’re pretty damn strong. My only issue with the episode was that when it was so easy for Papa Tunde to take down Rebekah and channel her power, how the hell can Marcel fight him off, even if just for a second. First of all, Marcel’s her bitch, let’s face it. She’s got years on him, and I just didn’t buy how it all went down.

ImageThe last scene leaves us with more questions than answers, and next week’s finale should be something pretty special at this rate. I’ll say it again, thank God they hightailed it out of Mystic Falls and went down to New Orleans.


Tune in next week to see what happens,


The Ninja


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