American Horror Story – Season 3 Episode 13 – The Seven Wonders Review

ImageAs the girls prepare for the seven wonders, all of us prepared to say goodbye to another season of AHS.

An evening that started with caviar and champagne turned into a gruesome night of horror and well.. surprises.


Everything was going well while the four witches performed the Seven Wonders, however it went tits when Misty died while descending to the next level. If you don’t make it by sunrise, you’re dead. She didn’t make it and sadly she ended up on a loop dissecting a frog over and over again. She turned to ashes and everyone had no choice but to move on.


After a game of ‘transmutation tag’, Zoe has an accident and ends up pinned to the front gate. Madison was at this point bragging about her powers, because that’s what she does best but when she refused to revive Zoe, she paid the price.


Kyle goes to the room and murders her. She had it coming for sure. Her old friend Spaulding made an appearance and told Kyle he would bury the body. Yeah right.


Cordelia ends up performing the Seven Wonders and she ends up being the Supreme. She revives Zoe and makes her and Queenie her wingmen. Myrtle tells Cordelia that she wants to be burned at the stake, for killing the other witches so Cordelia has little choice but to respect her wishes.



Fiona shows up, looking sick and less than glamorous. She tells Cordelia her standard speech of how much she hates her and then  babbled about putting a memory inside the Axe man’s brain, to fake her death. She inceptioned the hell outta him.


In the end she dies in Cordelia’s arms looking vulnerable and scared. Sadly it didn’t end there for Fiona. Everyone pays the price, so she ended up living in a stinky shack with her beloved killer boyfriend.

Cordelia goes to the media and tells everyone about her coven and the existence of witches, and opens the academy for all girls who have powers. It was way too happy of an ending for a show that can terrify you to the core, but perhaps with the whole witch theme they were aiming for something a bit more lighthearted?



Myrtle 😦

The levitating piano was definitely a very fun moment.

Are you looking forward to next season?

The Ninja’s Assistant


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