Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 3 – Lights! Camera! No Action! Review

ImageIt seems like the theme across a few shows this week was all about breakups and how we deal with them, but for now, let’s focus on Baby Daddy.

Lights! Camera! No Action! was an episode where not a lot actually happened, but we learned a few things about the characters. I’m pretty sure we’d never found out what Tucker’s job was before. I always thought that he just hung around the house, and was the jokes on tap guy. Turns out he’s not really a bum, and works behind the scenes on a tv show. (Anyone else still singing the Mary theme?)

ImageWe also learn how Riley’s feeling right now.

ImageWe’ve only ever seen her obsession with Ben control her love life, so it was interesting to see her stay strong. Ben tries to fix things with Riley, but when he turns up, Fitch is there. Ben does what any rational person would do, and blows up, assuming Riley and Fitch had hooked up.

ImageDanny’s not taking the news too well, either….

ImageIt’s safe to say that even though there were a few laughs, there were more serious issues for the gang to deal with. Bringing Fitch back was a bit of an odd choice, but it served it’s purpose, because as I said last week, something was coming down the road to derail them.

The funniest moments came (surprise, surprise) from Bonnie. Her mock interview of Danny was down right hilarious, and put her and Tucker together to make a theme song, and you’ll at least have one capable of making people laugh.

At least this way they hit the reset button, and even though things may be a little awkward for a while, Ben and Riley will eventually get back to being friends. I’ve said it all along, Ben’s got Emma, let Danny have Riley.


The Ninja


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