Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 3 – Open Door Policy Review

ImageI don’t know if the writers that work on Suburgatory also work on Baby Daddy, or if ABC just likes to throw the same theme around its shows on a weekly basis, because this week they both looked at the same thing. Open Door Policy was all about breakups, and how the characters deal with them in their own way.

Maybe the guys behind Suburgatory decided to bring Malik and Ryan back (even if it’s for a short while) because they knew they were missing something. Or maybe we were just missing the old George since he’s now fully turned into Hobo George.

ImageTessa even has to call in the reinforcements to sort this one out…

ImageDallas isn’t taking things anywhere near as hard as George is, and it’s a little bit weird. Surely, Dallas was more invested in George than he was in her, or maybe her divorce just changed the way she deals with breakup. Ryan dropped in for a little visit, with some big news (If your name’s Tessa, that is). Sheila has to be the craziest mother of all time, hands down. Sharing a bedroom with your son’s new girlfriend is a huge no, no.


He’s got a new girlfriend, and when she lets slip that she doesn’t go to school in Florida with him, but lives a few towns over, Tessa herself hits rock bottom. The whole point was that Tessa and Ryan broke up because of how sucky long distance relationships are, just for him to do a full 360 with someone else. Salted Caramel are the only feels Tessa needs right now.

I’m not loving the new set up, and I really do miss the characters that left the show at the end of last season (They really miss Rex Lee). The new intro is kinda crappy too. What was wrong with the old one? I remember a day when the show was so good it didn’t have to rely on gimmicks like that to switch things up.

Get it together Suburgatory,

The Ninja


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