The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 12 – The Devil Inside Review


Expectations this week were low, knowing that Katherine had taken over Elena’s body, using it as her own health sanctuary.

Now that Katherine’s body is actually dead, it’s Nadia who truly needs it. Katherine is living in Elena’s body, but it can only be permanent after a ritual involving her corpse. Sadly, Damon is not ready to give up the body to Nadia, and she is left with no choice but to find it using her own means; her mother.

Nadia is just like Katherine, and if the first one was already annoying at times, this one is even worse. She is a bit of a brat and although she is determined, it is exhausting to see her complain about something on every scene. Elena however, keeps coming back and forth between her body and limbo, and this has Katherine even more worried.


With the promise of a party at Tyler’s house early in the episode, we knew what was in store. This show does parties well, and it’s usually during these mixers that shit truly goes down. It was like watching an episode of teenage Revenge. Tyler finds out that Caroline slept with Klaus. Frankly, screw him Caroline, you made the right choice and your viewers support you! Katherine shows up pretending to be Elena, and it was hilarious to see everyone buying it. Surely after so long, someone should notice.


Nadia finds the body, Damon bumps into his old vampire friend and the ritual is completed. This probably means that Katherine is now Elena forever. We all know this isn’t going to last and this plot will keep going around in circles until Katherine finally gets Stefan.


Good on you for putting up a party and bringing back Tyler and some of the Mystic Falls drama that we love!


Now that Damon is heartbroken and kinda evil again, what does this mean for the rest of the group? Are we back to him being trouble?

Caroline and Tyler. Hmm not sure

Let’s hope Katherine has a better plan than compelling Matt every time she needs to know something, because it’s going to get boring quickly!

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