Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 5 – Blame It On The Rainstick

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Not sure what Suburgatory was going for this week. Noah is back, which is always a good thing, but there was something missing. Something with a lot of mascara and fake eyelashes. This week Dalia was nowhere to be seen, or Sheila for that matter. This episode just confirmed that they are two imperative characters for the show, at least in my opinion.

Suburgatory doesn’t have the comedy factor it used to. Yeah there’s still two or three giggles, but without Sheila’s nonsense or Dalia’s attitude, Chatswin is indeed a boring place.

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Ninja News – Lost Girl

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Yei! Good news! Lost girl has been renewed by Showcase for a fifth season. We are still waiting to find out whether Syfy will import it to the USA, as they have done previously. It is a bit up in arms, because nothing has been confirmed.

It’s safe to say that there will be more adventures in the fae world, and Bo will keep getting horny.


Here’s more on the story: Lost Girl renewed for fifth season

Ninja News – Parks and Recreation

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Pawnee better prepare, because a very special guest is coming for a visit. First lady Michelle Obama is due to appear on the final episode of this season of Parks and Rec. Can’t wait to see what Ron and the rest of the gang will do.

Here’s a link with more about the story and her role in tackling Pawnee’s obesity.

Parks and Rec – Michelle Obama

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 1 Episode 18 – The Apartment Review

ImageSo, we’re back to Brooklyn again this week to spend some time with our favourite precinct, the nine-nine. The Apartment sees Peralta scrambling to buy the apartment his lives in, which used to be his grandmother’s and we also see the entire squad go through self assessment. Instead of taking it seriously, Peralta rolls straight in and asks for a half million dollar loan flat out. They almost found it as funny as the guy at the bank.

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Twisted – Season 1 Episode 14 – Home Is Where The Hurt Is Review

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And we’re back to a sad day in Danny’s life. A sad week by the looks of it. Guilt and secrets are starting to take their toll, and even though he is trying his hardest to be normal and live his life, it isn’t easy. Him and Jo are struggling to come to terms with what they did, but now that there are secrets coming out of the walls, they might not be the only affected ones.

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The Originals – Season 1 Episode 14 – Long way back from Hell Review

ImageThe Originals is back, and what an episode to come back with! We knew that Klaus and Rebekah were in a spot of bother at the end of the last episode, but there was no way we could have predicted what was coming next. The witches are running wild in Long Way Back from Hell, and messing with some of our favourite original vampires in ways we’ve never seen before. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 21 – She’s Come Undone Review

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Everyone is going crazy! It’s not just Spencer, this time everybody is up for a spot at the local mental hospital. Hanna is just going around kissing people, Spencer gets an ultimatum that ends in disaster, Emily’s plans take a turn and Aria is now absolutely bat shit cray.

Aria is back, and she tells the girls all about Ezra. How he knew all about them and Ali, and how all the surveillance was just an aid towards his book research. Ezra has a theory though, he thinks one of them did it, and by the look of things he isn’t too far out. Continue reading

Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 7 – Gallows Humor Review

Picture 33With the news that Being Human has been cancelled after four seasons, it seems a bit weird to be writing a review. However, this show has given us more than we ever expected from werewolves and vampires.  It seems fair to keep things objective, regardless of the cancellation.

After Aidan’s little ‘slip’, where he murdered a girl by draining her dry, Kenny comes to the rescue. If Suzanna finds out, he is done. It has been incredibly interesting how Kenny and Suzanna are both Aidan’s good and evil. To the extremes, if I might add. One is keen on making him proud of being a vampire, while the other is determined to make him stop.

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