Bones – Season 9 Episode 15 – The Heiress In The Hill Review

ImageThe Heiress In The Hill not only gave us a somewhat decent procedural episode of Bones, but it was filled with plenty of feel good moments, too. The subplot focused on a part of Hodgins’ life that he had no clue about.

ImageHe’s got a brother, one that his parents never even told him about. Geoffrey Hodgins has been tucked away in an institution for his whole life, and now the money’s run out, they want to move him onto a state facility. We see that it’s a tough one for Jack to swallow, because had he still got a chunk of that change, it’d be an easy fix.

Turns out the victim had been dropped in Lye, and had her teeth smashed in. Someone really didn’t want her identified! The murder took a backseat to the much more interesting storyline that Hodgins was dealing with. When you’ve invested in a character for so long and see them wrestle with emotional demons, it’s much more interesting than a standard murder plot. Sorry, just saying! It only became interesting when Cam and Tempe figured out that whoever had given her that lethal dose of Penicillin was trying to save her, not kill her.

It was an emotional episode, but in a good way. Ever since the news that Wendell has an extremely rare type of cancer, the mood of the show and the characters in it has been pretty low, and I’m glad this episode came quickly after to balance things back out. Hodgins shared a pretty touching moment with his brother at the end, where they bonded over a book their dad had read to each of them.


The subplot totally overshadowed the procedural this week, and that was fine with me.

Keep up the good feels, Bones.

The Ninja


– Mauricio, predictable name, predictable guy.


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