Elementary – Season 2 Episode 14 – Dead Clade Walking Review

ImageFossils were a big part of this episode, and not just the imprinted rock type. This week we saw a very toned down Sherlock. Instead of his crazy antics, he was calm and giving good advice. Fossils of the heart people.. lolz 

Randy, the guy that Sherlock is sponsoring tells him a sad story about how his ex girlfriend is in town and he is afraid to do drugs again. This is random because usually people know that Sherlock is a weird guy but somehow he seems to have a connection with Randy and that’s where we see those glimpses of his compassion and good nature.


A rock in a garden was actually a dinosaur fossil, rare and expensive. With all things ‘black market’ the team is determined to find the killer of the person who had the fossil last. Apparently, it was like a game of tag where the fossil would bounce from one hand to another until there was not one, but two murders.



This week we got to meet two really random characters. First is Gay, Watson’s friend who also happens to be a geologist. She was there in the beginning of the episode and literally asleep two minutes close to the end. The reason behind it is still unknown and although her advice seemed interesting, it wasn’t anything that Sherlock himself could’ve not deducted on his own.

The second new character was an elderly woman called C, she happened to be a lovely british lady who works at an auction house. She had never met Sherlock in person before, but it was interesting to see a bit of where he gets some of his information. We know that there are contacts, they just never show them to us. Then again, it seemed weird to have two random ‘little helpers’ but at least it made the episode work, which is alright.


Turns out the killer was the museum guy that we met in the first half of the episode. Predictable much? There is an episode of White Collar where there is a similar dinosaur plot and the killer was the museum guy too. Perhaps with Sherlock being so busy with his own duties as a sponsor was the main objective of the episode. 


People tend to ramble about Sherlock Holmes (in all his different portrayals on tv, film, book) being weird, etc. People complain when he has feelings and emotions, and just because he is super smart and great at the power of deduction does not mean he isn’t human. I enjoyed how he meets up with Randy and tells him that he should say goodbye to this woman for good before it’s too late. Randy takes his advice and comes back with the confession that he did drugs with her. Sherlock only looked at him and asked him if they were going to the meeting, and they did. No judgement from Mr. Holmes.

So yeah, pretty poor criminal plot but it was nice and fun to see him be Watson for a little bit and understand that it is not easy to deal with those situations.



The ice cream truck bust was pretty funny. Who sells ice cream in winter anyway? That deduction broke my heart

That poor cop who gave out the evidence by mistake to the bad guys. How f-ed up is the system huh? Bet he went home crying!

The metaphor with Sherlock trying to drill the skull, but he kept being interrupted by Randy. Sometimes we need to do good for others near us before venturing into helping those out there.


The Ninja’s Assistant



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