The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 14 – The Convention Conundrum Review

ImageIt’s Comic-Con ticket time! Just a shame that the guys go balls out and don’t even manage to get hold of some tickets. It was a military operation gone wrong, and even Sheldon lost his cool. They talk about scalping tickets, but with a life time ban looming, Sheldon’s just not game for it.


It was a bit of a boys vs girls week, and while the guys were being all dorky and childlike, the ladies went out for some afternoon tea. They started out strong, but quickly figured out that they were forcing things. They quickly ditched the tea and made a beeline for the bar, with Penny leading the charge all the way.

ImageAfter Sheldon fails to get his own convention off the ground overnight, he hunts down James Earl Jones, and in a great twist on the whole stalking incident gets invited to dinner. They pretty much spend the whole night together, and had some great moments while they were at. Sheldon seemed way too relaxed though.

ImageImageFor a guy who won’t even switch where he sits on the couch at home, he was totally in his comfort zone. Okay, okay, I know he was excited at the thought of hanging out with the guy who voiced Darth Vader, but c’mon, it’s Sheldon. Sheldon pretty much saved the day, because the guys are about to head down to San Diego with Darth Vader as a plus one.

It was a week where we see the guys being exactly what they are, giving The Convention Conundrum it’s theme. It doesn’t matter if you’re fifty years old – if you want to go to Comic-Con, go to Comic-Con – and if you want to go the bar to avoid your other half geeking out about something like Comic-Con, then you should probably go right ahead and do that too.

See you next week,

The Ninja


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