The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 15 – You’ve Lost That Larry Feeling Review


Everyone’s got a heart. Young, old, human, alien, everyone has a chance in love.

This week’s episode showed us different aspects of moving on and also acceptance. While Reggie and Amber are still coming to terms with their break up, it was a breath of fresh air to see them both actually trying for once. Although at first they are avoiding each other at all cost, it takes some pep talks to get them through their rough patch. 


Debbie is busy trying to be ‘cool’, while her classmates come over for a study session. Marty, not wanting to fall behind attempts to be the coolest by bringing pizza and beer. It turns out these kids don’t need more friends, they miss their mums. It was a great lesson, to see Debbie accepting the fact that she is a mother, and a good one for that matter. She even ends up giving advice on girls and cooks lasagna for everybody! Oh the perks of having a home cooked meal in college come once in a lifetime!


As it was predicted last week, it was only a matter of time before they brought in someone for Amber. One of Debbie’s classmates, Zak is hitting on Amber. Right next door Jane is hitting on Reggie. Problem solved! They both agree to try and move on, and now each one has a date with someone else! It was hard, but it was nice to see them work out their issues at least for now. 


Larry deals with jealousy, after realising that Jackie has a work colleague called Keith who is very close to her. Keith is a typical nice guy, but it only took one time of seeing him with his wife for Larry to take matters into his own hands. Drive-thru kidnapping! Poor Keith and poor Jackie, who in the end busted them with the guy in the minivan!


Debbie in the mum role was great, especially when it isn’t aimed to Amber who is already very sarcastic. These new characters give a new feel to the show and makes me wonder, are more people going to find out about the aliens? 


Larry bursting into song, omg!

The drive-thru kidnapping was fantastic, especially when trying to open the mini van door. 

Chat has been going around about canceling the show. Frankly, do whatever you want. Just know this show deserves a star in the hall of fame of comedy because if anything, deep inside we are all a bit like the Bird’s.


The Ninja’s Assistant



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