New Girl – Season 3 Episode 14 – Prince Review

ImageThis episode was like finishing a good workout at the gym. It filled the viewers with exciting moments from every angle, as if trying to make up for past mistakes.

Jess and Cece get invited randomly to a Prince party after almost being run over by one of his peers. What are the chances?! And yes this is Prince the singer, performer and 80s legend!


As the girls get ready for the party, it’s the men who have to tell Schmidt that only the girls were invited. He gets upset, understandably after buying a two-thousand-dollar suit. So, standard Schmidt he isn’t giving up that easily and is determined to go to the party too. 

When the girls jump in the limo, Nick says ‘i love you’ to Jess before they go off, and Jess being her just gives him the finger guns. Bless, as if she wasn’t a nervous wreck already! So, the girls go off to the party and the guys decide to get dressed and go too! 

The party was a great moment for the show, it gave us guest appearances by not only Prince but some supermodels too, and we got to see a Cece and Schmidt moment. We don’t get those too often now, so it was cool to see that there is still hope in the horizon. Also, Winston was a bit more part of the group. Ever since Coach is back, they haven’t really known what to do with so many men, but this episode redeemed it all.


Jess and Nick meet Prince, and later she spends some quality time with him. She got a dress and some advice from the legend, so in the end in true Jess style, she shouts that she loves Nick Back. *heavenly lights and a choir lolz*


In the end, Nick, Jess and the rest of the gang jump on stage and jam with Prince himself. Damn!


Really funny, really good. Considering it has been a bit meeeh lately, this episode was fresh and fun.


‘Prince is magic’ 

The fire and ice thing was hilarious, tears and all!

Nick’s tactic about Trojan Horsing to sneak to the party was a great technique! Take note!

The Ninja’s Assistant


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