2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 16 – And The ATM Review


Money makes the world go round. Even more so when you’re Max and Caroline. 

This week the diner celebrates installing it’s first ATM machine. This has the guys pretty excited even though most of them are pretty broke.


Max however, likes and accepts where she comes from, so she decides to break up with Deke. Why? Because he is rich, like loaded rich! So, he takes Caroline on an adventure to sneak into Deke’s dumpster and pick up her Gnome (one of them is called Gnome more drama) and her toothbrush. She is a coward, so it was interesting to see that even her, being the most open person ever, even struggles when dealing with feelings. She hides under her sarcasm, and with Deke being just the same, there was no competition.

Deke confronts her and then shows up to the diner dressed like the Monopoly Man. He really tried to win her back, and even after he gives her a million dollars, Max still doesn’t get it. Her attitude was all like ‘i’m like welfare, you need to be poor to get some’. He gave her money so she could understand what it’s like to have it, and Max being Max only spent like a hundred dollars buying random things for her peers (batteries, Godiva chocolates, a dust buster). Caroline was luckier, since she got a brand new pair of shoes from Deke after helping him sneak in to Max’s room.


After Deke gives up, Max goes to see him and confesses that even though he is rich, she likes him. She realises that money means that you can do whatever you want, however Deke choses to go to pastry school and live in a dumpster rather than living in the Taj Mahal.

The best thing about this show is that Deke and Max’s reactions with each other seem so natural! It’s as if they were an actual couple and the way they interact is not only funny but also very real.


what would you do if you had 1 million dollars?


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