Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 4 – Panic Womb Review

ImagePanic womb was supposed to be, in my eyes, a game of words or something for ‘panic room’. Boy was I wrong!!

This episode was an eye-opener for our Boston crew. Josh is doing his standard run, to control his wolf and ends up meeting a wolf lady who is pregnant. As it happens, this pregnancy is not normal and although she is in her first trimester she already looks like she’s about to pop. Josh asks Nora for help, and they both take the woman and her wolf husband to have a secret ultrasound in the hospital.


These two, especially Nora have become incredibly resourceful. However, it is another resourceful one, Sally, who is unstoppable. She goes to meet Zoe. Remember, the girl who can see ghosts? After what Sally did to her and her friends, she is not happy to see her but since Sally is looking for redemption they sit and have a chat. Sally needs help to find out what happened to Beatrice (aka Lil Smokie), the girl who had a terrible outcome in the house where they live now.

Zoe and Sally go to meet Beatrice, only to find out that she’s alive and kicking. After they leave, Beatrice pulls out a picture and we see Lil Smokie in the house window. Nightmare material right there.


Aidan is too busy dealing with Kenny (who showed up at the house and apologised to everyone), Kat and Suzanna. The latter being now like a ‘Vampire Buffy’ who lives on 70ml of blood per day, and is determined to kill every vampire around because ‘they kill people’. She also tells Aidan to forget about Kat because, first she’s jelly, obviously, and second because humans are not vampires. He is never going to age or die of sickness and he will be left behind.


There is something in the air telling me that Kat’s going to have a pretty bad time of things and Suzanna will pick up Aidan’s pieces.

Nora and Josh help the wolf lady give birth. Congrats! It’s a girl! This was a very heart warming moment, and while Nora and Josh deserve some feel-good time, they try too hard and never get any satisfaction in return.

Kat however is in for a surprise, when Aidan shows up to her place to pretty much confess that he’s a vampire. This is her reaction:



Aidan’s wet dream and his ‘fake biography’ are some of the things that remind me that he’s such a cool guy, and how human he really is. Wish he was my neighbour.

The wolf baby girl was kinda gross, no offense but nobody needs to see a half bald wolf covered in blood and placenta.

Zoe’s got a girlfriend! Good for her, I wish she was around more often. Sally, play nice!

The fact that Kenny can enter Aidan’s house whenever is quite frightening. He was born there after all, (as a vampire) so it makes sense. Creepy none-the-less, ¬†there’s something about him that makes me question his intentions.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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