Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 1 Episode 13 – Operation Broken Feather Review

ImageNot surprising that the post-Superbowl episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a good one! How come it got the premium spot? You tell me.

ImageI haven’t been the show’s biggest fan this season, but it’s finally finding its feet, and beginning to figure out what it does well, and what it can’t do. Major Crimes come in this week to take Peralta’s case, and in typical Jake fashion, he gets the confession he needs before they can do it. 1-0, Peralta.

ImageTerry and Holt really made this episode, and the moments they had together built the foundations of a great relationship to be explored further. They’re sticking together to make some changes at the precinct. How do you get bathroom breaks down? Stick Rosa right next to the bathroom. That will stop anyone going!

ImageThey also discuss the Boyle – Linetti reaction, which was downright hilarious. Boyle has ‘medically thin skin’, and when he gets cold he goes and jacks clothes from the lost and found. Gina takes the opportunity (every single time) to rinse Boyle, giving him abuse about whatever colourful jumper he’s got on at the time. Terry empties out the lost and found so that Boyle can’t choose anything dodgy, but when he shows up in a white cowboy jacket, all anyone can say is: “We’re doomed, Boyle looks like a lesbian.” That was Holt, as well.

ImageSantiago has an interview with Major Crimes, but turns down the job, and in the last scene there were some big hints that something is brewing between Peralta and Amy. It’s been looking likely for a short while, but I didn’t think it was really going to happen until this episode. Let’s just hope the show uses their relationship for some great comedy!

Have a good one,

The Ninja


– How funny was the sting? “I won a cruise!”

– Holt crying at the statistical analysis in Moneyball was hilarious!

– Will Peralta and Santiago hook up, or will it crash and burn?


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