How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 17 – Sunrise Review

ImageWe’re almost there now! With only four episodes left, there’s no sign that the writers are going to let us have it easy, and they’re obviously pretty happy to drag things slowly to a halt. This season continues to drag through Barney and Robin’s wedding, and even though I’ve been saying that it’ll happen soon, really, there’s no way to know.

ImageSunrise was all about accepting that things are changing and allowing yourself to move on. A lot of different things are in play right now, Barney and Robin are getting married, Ted is hung up on Robin, trying to move on from that, but also he’s trying to move on from New York. Marshall and Lilly is a big who knows right now, but given that we’ve already seen the older version of Judge Eriksen, it’s a safe bet that they’ll stay. Barney himself is also moving on with things.


The two youngsters that he meets on the road at the beginning of Sunshine are about to inherit something that’s going to give them endless amounts of help.

ImageReally, Barney’s giving up the playbook? Ok, he’s getting married and is never going to use it again (Can’t believe I’m actually saying that), but damn. A part of me thought we were going to see it anointed on the wall in his house as a homage to the man that he used to be.

ImageWe also got a cheeky cameo from the main roster of Ted’s ex-girlfriends. He was trying to find Robin’s locket to give it back to her as a wedding present. Stella, Victoria and Jeanette had little roles, which tied that up too. Really, the locket was his final gambit, which was a bit douchey of him. Bit late to be moving on Teddy! She’s marrying your best mate. Wake up and smell the sea! As if promising it won’t be weird will make it soooo chill.


Kinda makes me wonder if he just jumps into things with the mother, like he’s done with everyone else so far.


Have a good one,


The Ninja


The Notes

– Just NO! WTF!




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