Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 12 – Ann and Chris Review

ImageIt’s the end of an era on Parks and Rec, because two of the main (and best) characters and leaving Pawnee for the great city of Michigan. Leslie throws a going away party to end all going away parties, which has thirty different stations representing everything from Thanksgiving to Chinese New Year. It’s pretty clear the Knope doesn’t want her bestie Anne Perkins to go.

ImageLeslie wants to fix the issue that first brought her and Ann together, but a few things stand in her way. Again, we were shown that when the Knope wants something, she won’t stop till she get’s it. The no trespassing signs were pretty funny too…

ImageIn a rare soft moment for April, she let it slip to Ann that she loves her. Even when April got married she didn’t show that much emotion, and so it was pretty refreshing to see her take a break from her depressive personality. Ron got into his element too, and was at the grilling station of the party. Where’s classic Ron gone? Maybe they couldn’t give him much screen time in this episode because it was all about Ann and Chris, but I still miss his zingers.

ImageIn a touching moment from the guys, they give Chris one of his buddy boxes back. It’s empty, and the whole idea is that he can build memories with his soon-to-be-born child and put them in there. They want to be a part of Chris and Ann’s kid’s life, and burn their initials into the box. Nice one, guys!

ImageIt’s going to be weird without them, but to be honest I’m surprised Rob Lowe stayed this long. He’s no doubt had loads of offers to act in other roles while he’s been chilling in Pawnee, but I guess that just goes to show how popular Parks and Rec has become. Without the baby drama, let’s hope there’s more time for Tom and Ron to come back out of their shells.


See you soon, Pawnee,


The Ninja



– “You’ve out-Knoped yourself,” (Ann Perkins).

– “You’ve run out of Easter Ham and Thansgiving Turkey. Great party!” (Ron Swanson).

– Will you miss Chris and Ann?

– Will they actually go to Michigan?


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