Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 17 – Silverfinger Review

ImageWho knew Beacon Hills would become such a popular spot for the supernatural? Teen Wolf knows how to do bizarre, and they do it well. To be honest this whole season has been a bit up and down, with all the new characters and multiple plots it’s been hard to keep track. This week however, there was more truth, of the demonic kind.

This show does what no other can and has the necessary balls to not treat teenagers like children. All due respect, but we all know that they can be equally as resourceful or more than any grown up. It’s a show with good back stories for their supporting characters, as crazy as these might be.

This episode it was all about team work! Stiles ends up being sedated for exhaustion by Scott’s mum. So as he sleeps, the episode unfolds.

Scott’s mum finds that Stiles and his mum share the same symptoms. Mystery ahead?


Scott and Kira are at his house trying to keep each other safe from the ‘demonic ninjas’. The twins want to help because they know Scott needs all the help he can get, however it took a couple of broken windows and assistance to convince him.

Meanwhile, Allison, Isaac and her dad are searching for a man who knows about these dark creatures. Turns out Allison’s dad had already met them, you know, the good old days.

With Isaac dressed to impress and with encouragement from his lady, he goes to meet the japanese mobsters and try to find the answers.Image

These dark spirits are looking for someone, apparently a dark Kitsune (that’s fox in japanese). Everyone fears for Kira’s life but oh surprise, when Stiles wakes up, he literally kills one of these demons with his hands, and the two others are inside of him now. Or so it seems.


Derek showed up to help, Scott’s dad got stabbed with a katana from hell and the twins can successfully say they convinced Scott by helping him out with the dark soldiers.

Yeah it’s crazy and yeah it is absurd but credit must be given for creativity and imagination. Teen Wolf started as a teen drama and it has slowly evolved into an epic thriller full of action and good music. 


Yeah Allison, let your bf grab your ass while your dad is in front of you. Why not? You’ve been busted once, so go on..

Where is Lydia?

Speaking of Lydia, I love all the new characters and the fantasy factor but I wish we could see a bit more of all their powers in action! With so many creatures there is potential for unlimited adventures!

The Ninja’s Assistant



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