Castle – Season 6 Episode 14 – Dressed To Kill


If the title didn’t already give it away, this week’s episode, Dressed to Kill, was all about the dark side of the fashion industry. We start off with a little wedding chat, because season six of Castle is not season six of Castle without boring us to death with constant little tidbits about the wedding of the century. Over it!

ImageThe victim this week is a fashion designer, and when Beckett goes to the agency to get the ball rolling on the investigation, she gets recognised from her former days walking the runway. Even Ryan’s in on the fashion game, dropping a pretty eye catching coat of his own! It looks pretty bad for Matilda, the woman who runs the agency, when she admits spying on her models when they’re at home. Talk about horrible bosses.

ImageWe got a cameo from one of the best comedy actors around, Rex Lee. He played a rival fashion designer of the victim, and one that jacked her designs. He’s been missed in Suburgatory this season, so it was great to see him again. He helped to lift the mood on what was a pretty low stakes episode. Yumi, we’ll miss you on Castle!

ImageBeckett gets given a dress, so at least we can avoid the episode where someone gets shot in a bridal shop and Beckett happens to see the dress of her dreams (we all know they were thinking about it). Of course one of the magazine employees killed Ella over the sketches Rex Lee had stolen, but did we even care all that much by then?


For the first time, I did actually care a little about the wedding at the end of episode, because for a quick minute it looked like Beckett was thinking of backing out.


The Ninja



– Esposito : “Just Yumi, I guess if you don’t have a last name you can charge more.”

– What was the point of showing us the venue if they’re not even going to use it!?



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