Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 18 – Hot For Teacher Review


Lies, heaps and heaps of lies! This week the liars were on point. Everyone is lying to each other and it’s just great to watch. Frustration and evidence against Ezra are piling up and with Spencer taking pills, she’s about to have a nervous breakdown.

We all know Ali has been keeping in touch with Shana, but this time we actually get to see them having a phone call. In it, Ali asks Shana to take something from her old bedroom, but her mum is there at all times. Since Emily is the ‘only one’ that Alison trusts according to Shana, she asks her to go and find out what’s inside the bedroom poster.


While she’s asking her for this favour, they’re being watched (of course) and someone’s taking pictures of them. Same goes for Hanna, who is lately quite the detective. The poor girl is being lied to from all angles, but she’s determined to find out what’s up. Since Spencer is looking less like Paddington Bear and more like Hunter Thompson, it’s easy to figure out something isn’t right. She has also been buying pills off some nerdy chic. How times have changed…


Following her instincts Hanna sneaks into Spencer’s bedroom and finds all the Ezra research she had been doing. She follows her to Ezra’s apartment and discovers half way through that there is a camera and they’re being watched so they walk out and leave. Smart move girls!

While they’re leaving, Emily is waiting for Shana to show up and pick up the goods. By goods I mean some money and a note that was inside the poster that Emily found in Ali’s room. When Shana doesn’t show up, Emily worries and goes to meet up with the girls. Spencer takes the opportunity to spill the beans finally. Aria is missing from the equation because, well, she’s sleeping with the enemy. Literally.

She is by far the biggest liar in this episode. She’s still keeping her relationship with Ezra secret from her friends and when he invites her to spend the weekend at his cabin (alarm bells anyone?) she doesn’t even bother to tell anyone the truth of her whereabouts. First she leaves to buy chickpeas? lolz, and then we see Ezra opening his little hole on the floor and there it is, the dungeon of terror. This is where the magic happens ladies! So close to home Aria… oh well..


She then comes back and wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed and Ezra appears out of nowhere. This is after he had a little drive and checked his spying-app, you know because he has eyes everywhere. He also has someone helping him with pictures and emails of the girls’ every move.

Shana wakes up inside her car after being ‘asleep’ for a while. Knowing she missed the meeting with Emily, she’s confused as to where she is and when Ali calls her, Shana’s mind is already somewhere else. She knows she has to leave, even if that means leaving Ali and all of it behind.


The last we see of Ali is an image of a desperate girl talking on the phone and getting rejection from Shana, who is clearly scared to death. Alison jumps on a bus, and that’s that…

Who knows..


More questions and more answers…


Why is it a catwalk show? Since when is Aria Lil Miss Tight Dress? I miss her good old ‘dark’ days.

Now that all of the girls know the truth, will Aria find out through them or will she be in trouble? My money is on the second option

Spencer quoting Wikipedia on one of her essays and Ezra telling her off.. Guess he’s desperate. 





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