The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 15 – Muscles Minsky Review

ImageBev’s at it again this week! She’s one of the craziest parents ever to make their way onto the screen, and I wonder how the real Beverley Goldberg feels now that she’s watching Adam’s interpretation of her from way back when. Her and Erica are at each others throats, and all the rest of the gang are caught in the crosshairs.



Barry’s dealing with some romance issues, and is pretty wound up that Adam gets to have girls in his room, and Barry can’t. It’s the age old sibling rivalry that anyone with a brother or sister will be familiar with. These are the things that make The Goldbergs one of TVs best comedies right now. Barry cracks me up, and I was dying when he started romancing the kitchen to get back at his mum. Where did the bead curtain come from?

ImageWho didn’t have that phone!? Bev gets busted eavesdropping from the kitchen phone, and kicks off another storm between her and Erica. Erica rigs her diary, lies about smoking crack so that her mum will freak when she reads it. It was great to see Bev get a dose of her own medicine for once! Hands up whoever got busted talking over the land line at some times in our childhood. I know I did.

ImagePoor Adam’s dealing with his own girl issues, in the shape of Muscles Minsky. She’s his best bud, but he lets Barry convince him that men and women can’t be friends (“It’s in the Encyclopaedia, look it up.”). The horse is out of the barn, and Adam tries to slap one on Muscles. She flips out, and he’s got some fixing to do. Men and women definitely can be friends, and that’s what Adam finds out at the end of the episode, when he fixed things with Emmy.


Loving this show!


The Ninja




– Fitted sheet…ultimate Toga fail!


– Barry’s first music video..OMG!



– Barry : “Romance pumps in my veins.”

– Adam: “My mum says I can get prescription shades, so you can suck it.”

– Murray: “There’s a one-legged model on and I don’t know how she’s going to walk the runway.”

– Barry: “The horse that goes by the name of sexual tension.”

-Adam: “When you have too much confidence in a fart, she’s the one who helps you bury your underwear behind the school.”



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