Ravenswood – Season 1 Episode 10 – My Haunted Heart Review

ImageThe first season of Ravenswood has been full of questions. In between the weird curse, the Collins-Rivers hook up, and Remy’s dreamy revelations it has been a very bumpy ride. ‘My Haunted Heart’ provided a lot of answers, but not in the way we all expected. The gang was in for a treat from the evil side, and for once it was coming from every angle.

Remy and Luke are on the look-out for the dead boy with the bloody tears, the one that Remy saw before.It wasn’t long before they found him in an article on the local newspaper, and go tell the others.


While they’re discussing their options over coffee with Caleb, Olivia and Miranda, it’s Hanna who shows up. So, there’s nine episodes about moving on, and breaking up and Hanna is back? She needed some answers and wanted to talk to Miranda, but ended up hearing the harsh truth. News flash girl, Miranda is dead.



While Caleb takes care of Hanna and thinks of ways to not get her involved, it’s the others who got more involved than they ever expected! Remy, Olivia and Luke were in the front row of the cinema from hell. They witness Olivia and Luke’s dad’s murder. It was Dillon, and it was bad. Imagine seeing someone being murdered but you can’t do anything?!


Dillon then kidnaps Remy and takes her to the chapel. Everyone comes to the rescue, but then we see that lady who eats spiders. Turns out she was the bad guy all along. Abaddon!!!!!!



Mr Collins arrives (because he’s sexy cakes and he deserves some screen time), and saves the day. Abaddon was performing some sort of spell to bring Miranda back. When Collins stopped him the kids were pissed, but turns out that for the pact to work all of them need to die at the same time. As long as Miranda’s dead the rest are safe? Confusion!!


Mr Collins broke one of his very precious jars and it was the one belonging to ‘old Caleb’. Caleb Rivers with the funny hairstyle. His ghost is now out and about and hanging out with present time Miranda.


Now the whole Hanna thing makes sense. Still, how risky of the writers to just put her back in, perhaps they know a lot of Ravenswood fans are also into PLL.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Ice cream with a spider.. yum!

Btw, Dillon got run over by a train after lil miss evil put him there. That little girl is so freaky! I wonder if her friends watch the show and get creeped out?



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