Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 4 – The Birds And The Biederman Review

ImageDallas has become a very ‘hands on’ woman since her break up with George. She can even change her own TV channel! However, she is not impressed when she starts to bump into him everywhere. She talks to Dalia and wants her to tell George to stay away from the places she frequents.


Poor Tessa is bumping into problems of her own. She sees Lisa hanging out with Ryan’s new girlfriend, Junebug! She feels betrayed and also threatens Lisa with a schedule so she can have ‘Lisa days’ without her having any more surprises. 

To be honest, Lisa should’ve been honest from the beginning, so she did deserve the cold shoulder. Ryan is her brother, so her becoming friends with the new girlfriend was inevitable, but Tessa should’ve gotten the memo.


Dalia and Tessa are ‘negotiating’ the terms of their parents’ demands, but in the end they both end up exhausted. Nice to see those two agreeing on something!ImageImage

Sadly, running away from problems is never the answer so Dallas bumped into George at the park. He wasn’t alone and the whole situation was very awkward. At least they got that out of the way?

This episode lacked a lot of the Sheila factor. She was having a rough time at work, and we get to see her quite grumpy and unhappy. A big change considering she’s the queen and boss of all things Chatswin. Although she wasn’t there to crack jokes, it was important for her character. We saw a vulnerable woman who seems invincible but is also human. Eye patch and all!



The Ninja’s Assistant


Glad Tessa agreed to hang out with Junebug. What a good friend…

Dallas seemed truly upset in the end and I wished she could find someone new.

Victor is such a nice kid. Funny to hear him talking to his dad about boobs. My favourite quote: ‘Why don’t you make love with the blazer on?’ 




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