Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 13 – The Purge Review


Thank fudge we got a break from the whole ‘Sam and Dean drama’ this week. A filling episode about a Peruvian creature is exactly what we needed. The angel front, along with the rocky situation between siblings has been exhausting. There needs to be something that can either end this show on a high note, or just bring it back from the ashes. (Bring back Bobby Singer!)

People in a town in Minnesota who used to be overweight start to die. By the time the bodies are found, they have lost a lot of weight. This makes the news and instantly reaches Sam and Dean. 

After talking to a gypsy girl about her dead boyfriend, they discover a woman died in the gym in the exact same way as the first victim. All this leads to the guys finding a place called Canyon Valley, a wellness spa run by a very ‘loving’ couple. 

Sam gets stuck with a trainer job and Dean is helping in the kitchen, where he ends up drugged by the pudding. It was really funny when all he could say was ‘sweet potatoes’ bless 🙂


Sam comes to the rescue and they discover it’s all about a creature, the female doctor at the clinic. She is a pishtaco, a peruvian creature that sucks fat. She’s a good person though, so it only takes two minutes before they discover it was her brother, the other kitchen assistant who was on a high fat diet.


Nice to see the boys doing odd jobs rather than having them fighting in a motel room. Work it out fellas! 


The Ninja’s Assistant


Fish Taco!!

That pudding looked amazing, I would’ve eaten the whole thing too! 


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