The Originals – Season 1 Episode 13 – Crescent City Review

Picture 135

Monique Deveraux is back!

Turns out the show can’t live without some teenage witch walking around, so for now and while Davina is gone, we get Monique.

With the local church back up and running, father Kieran is trying to keep danger at bay. Turns out one of the old witches put a hex on him and he is going to go crazy, unless Cami kills Klaus using Papa Tunde’s blade.

Picture 134

At this point the witches are declaring full war on the vampires, especially the originals. Bitches didn’t count on Cami turning on them and siding with Klaus! Very smart girl! The most clever move she could’ve made was to tell Klaus how great he is and how she wants to be a part of the winning side! Obviously Klaus was delighted, and we were happy to see her making her own choices for once.

Hayley and Rebekah are too busy hosting a werewolf party at the plantation. This was Hayley’s chance to meet some of her kind, since they are cursed and can only turn human during full moon. She got more than she asked for because in one night she met Jackson, the wolf she was ‘supposed to marry’ and ended up in a room on fire. Courtesy of the witches! Elijah was there to save the day and poor Jackson just left with a face like a sad puppy.

Picture 137

Picture 138

Rebekah is tricked by some werevolves and ends up all battered and bruised in the middle of the woods. So much for a hook up ha?

Picture 136

Picture 139

Monique kills Sophie, and then joins Celeste and the other witches. And that’s it. So now we have an evil Davina pretty much.

Picture 142

Picture 141

The thing about the witches in this show is that because of our co-dependency to Klaus (we all have it), they just seem obnoxious. I get it, the vampires are meanies, and they want their freedom to practice blablabla. Still, any ritual that involves killing young girls to give a coven power is not right.

The Ninja’s Assistant


What is up with all the hot people in this show?!

One of the witches knows some secrets about Rebekah. Can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding!


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