Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 14 – Foxed Lunch

ImageJackie’s crazy! But anyone who’s seen more than five minutes of this show probably already knows that. This week, she was a little extra cray. She kidnaps Brad and Kate by faking a Burt emergency, only to pitch them a new business idea called Foxed Lunch.

ImageAn organic twist on packed lunches, that she wants to sell to parents who can’t be arsed to make their kids’ school lunch. Kate’s in, but Brad knows better, and walks away.

They’ve needed an excuse to hang out more this season, so it was great to see them tackle working together.


ImageInstead, Brad takes Burt and Warren to karate, where the main dude, Sensei Rick, is pretty intense.

ImageThe boys are easily impressed, and start looking up to the guy. Queue lesson time from dad. They roll down to the cinema, and when the guys in their seats won’t budge, Brad calls in the usher to sort it out. -1 point for Brad. They want him to be tough, but he’s parenting the back out of it. He doesn’t want the guys looking up to Sensei Rick, so when he flares up again, Brad knocks him down.

ImageHillary gets parented by Diane, and they’re mighty competitive. It’ll only end one way, with a race. Diane goes on about winning a silver medal in the Olympics (that’s been kept quiet), and she won’t accept defeat. Once they actually got underway, it was more about their limits and who had stronger will.

Trophy Wife has been doing the rounds on the rumour mill lately, and the word on the street is that its first season will be its last. I guess we’ll all just watch season 43 of How I Met Your Mother, instead. What is it with throwing shows with potential in the bin prematurely? Name one good show on TV right now that was solid from pilot to finale of the first season, and I’ll come to where you live with beers in hand. Seriously.


Hope you’re having a good week,


The Ninja


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