Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 4 – Bonnie’s Unreal Estate Review

ImageBonnie’s got a new job this week. She’s working for the real estate company where her boyfriend, Brad, is a realtor. She gets given a listing, and of course Ben was going to mess it up for her. She trusted him to set up the open house, and instead of doing just that, he hooks up a candle, and sets the whole place a blaze.

ImageLucy Hale joins the guys this week, under the name Piper. She’s the daughter of ‘the reverend,’ someone that Riley’s company is representing in court. Riley gets entrusted with Piper, who at first seems like she won’t be too much hassle. She quickly drops the choir girl act, and starts to party, getting Tucker and Danny into a drunken state.

ImageBonnie’s Unreal Estate was all about standing up for one another, and for yourself. Ben feels terrible, and after learning that his mom is soon to get cut from her job he steps in and helps out. She gets a second listing from hell, and no one wants to buy it. Riley eventually loses her cool with Piper, and at the same time Bonnie and Riley stand up for themselves. Bonnie keeps her job, and Riley puts Piper solidly in her place.

ImagePiper sleeps over in Danny’s room (watch out for Ezra, Danny. He’ll be watching!), which doesn’t go over that well with Riley. At least Rigantor is noticing when people are lying to her. Bonnie eventually get’s the flat sold, to a pair of deaf nuns, who aren’t going to be bothered by that church bell ringing every two minutes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


The Ninja



– “Hot properties, from a hot property.” Bonnie (of course)

– “You’re such a little liar.” Ben to Lucy Hale, LOLZ


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