Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 14 – 200 Review

Picture 160The usual dynamic of Criminal Minds involves finding serial killers. The beauty of the show is that every now and then they like to give the viewer glimpses of a wider horizon. A horizon of murder, sadly, but nonetheless it’s great for TV.

This episode clarifies the fact that JJ and agent Cruz are not having an affair! Instead, they were part of a secret operation in Afghanistan back in 2010. It was a secret task and nobody could find out. Hence all the mystery meetings with Cruz and the weird texts she kept receiving.

This operation gave the two of them access codes to a database called Integrity. A secret file and server with secret information about undercover operatives throughout the world, obviously. This gets JJ kidnapped and the team is instantly working hard to get her and Cruz back safely.

Picture 161

It was a very refreshing episode, with an appearance by Emily Prentiss, who is now working at Interpol. With her help they discover some information that might lead them closer to this sadistic killer, who also has their friend. One clue leads to another, and with the team being shut down by the State Department they are running out of time.

Picture 162

Picture 164

Hastings, the man in charge of the operation also happened to be the same man that JJ had worked with in Afghanistan. He was presumed dead but clearly he was very alive.

Picture 163

The team rescues JJ and Hastings falls off a building. Funny how life works, you can escape an explosion but not a fall..

The show ended with all of them having drinks and looking happy, with Prentiss in tow.

Picture 168

The Ninja’s Assistant



This episode was great because we got to see the diversity of roles the BAU can do. It was a totally different dynamic and somehow it worked great.

JJ is so much more hardcore in my eyes now!

Seeing how JJ lost her baby was quite sad, but at least now we know 😦



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