Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 14 – I-Spy Review

ImageWow, someone call the parenting police, cause it’s getting all kinds of ugly in I-Spy. Claire’s trying to figure out what Hayley is keeping to herself, Luke’s new friend Xander is a ‘bad influence’ (come on, we’ve all had that friend) and Phil and Claire just can’t help themselves. Alex gets roped into finding out what Hayley is hiding, while they go in search of Luke and Manny (after a gps locates their phones). Claire’s worried they’re getting high (it’s as if she’s never met Manny before), so they send out the real estate drone to have a look.


Meanwhile, Jay gets in trouble for having a sex dream, and Mitchell has to keep something of his own from Cam (because, “He’s a huge blabbermouth”). Turns out Jay’s dream was actually about Stella, the dog (not as weird as it sounds), but he manages to get away with it in the end. There was just no way Mitch was going to keep their friends’ calf implants away from Cam, was there? Cam loves a good gossip.

ImageI-Spy was all about family, and how little boundaries they have. Everyone is reading each others’ phones, texts and emails, and just generally getting up in each others business. Alex tells everyone that Hayley’s got a photography exhibition, and when they find out she was one of only five people selected, they just put her down (Give Hayley some credit, guys!). The don’t respect her boundaries and the ENTIRE family shows up at the exhibition.

ImageNewsflash for ya, there are no boundaries when it comes to family. Remember your mum listening on the phone in the kitchen when you were on it? Parents going in to your room to get the scoop from your diary? (If you forgot, just watch this weeks episode of the Goldbergs.)


The Ninja




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