The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 15 – The Locomotive Manipulation Review

ImageValentine’s day is closing in around the guys in Pasadena, and they’re all off doing their own thing. Amy and Sheldon discuss what they’re going to be doing during The State of the Relationship Summit (just, lol), and at first Shelly’s not too keen. That all changes when Amy tells him that she’s booked them a Valentines meal on a vintage train.

ImageNeedless to say, he’s super excited. Leonard and Penny decide to have a chill one, and when Raj tells the gang he’s going out on a date, they agree to look after Cinnamon. Big mistake!



Sheldon LOVES the train, I mean, he’s never been so excited. He forgets that it’s Valentines, and abandons Amy completely to talk to his new train buddy. Although a little quirky (the train dude, not Sheldon) he knows his shiz about trains, and Sheldon’s impressed enough to go wander, leaving Amy fuming.

ImageCinnamon eats a whole box of chocolates and Raj is pissed. Leonard and Penny do the right thing and take pool lil cinnamon roll down to the vet, and in the process set Raj up with the vet. How long did it take him to realise that she’d given him her phone number for a non dog related issue? Too long.

ImageSheldon saves the day by slapping a kiss on Amy when she accuses him of not being romantic. Gotta say, colour me surprised. Did not see that coming! What does this mean for Sheldon and Amy? Maybe they’ll actually sleep together soon, a turn up for books after THREE YEARS.

Nice moves Shelly,

The Ninja


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