The Crazy Ones – Season 1 Episode 15 – Dead and Improved Review


This week, we had a little jingle recording session of Rice Krispies to kick us off. Conrad the jingle king passed away on The Crazy Ones. Even though Simon doesn’t class himself as one of Conrad’s friends he’s asked to do the eulogy at Conrad’s funeral. He’s not really that up for it, and tries his best to bail.

ImageLauren, Zack and Andrew get put in charge of the Charmin account, and things started out pretty well. They took a quick turn for the worse when Sydney tells them the meeting had to be shut down because the Charmin rep has just been fired. He’s been behaving erratically.

ImageYou could say that…Guess he didn’t take the news so well. (“Got a nosebleed? Why not Charmin!”)


ImageDead and Improved was all about Simon, something we haven’t had yet, and it was probably necessary. We only ever see him dicking around and cracking jokes so it was good to see him slow down and take stock of things. Conrad’s funeral gets him thinking about his own legacy, and outside of Sydney, he doesn’t have a great deal to show. He says he’s all smoke and mirrors. I just enjoyed seeing a more human side to him.

ImageHe smashed the eulogy out of the ball park, and everyone was a bit teary at one point or another. It even seemed like quite a fun funeral, if there can ever be such a thing, but at least the music uplifted everyone’s spirits and the way they took the coffin out of the church was classic. Everyone should have their own gospel choir to give them a big send off.

ImageA good episode to get a bit closer to Simon,

The Ninja


One thought on “The Crazy Ones – Season 1 Episode 15 – Dead and Improved Review

  1. “crap-o-Slovakia” is Slovak Republic #Slovakia

    THE CRAZY ONES 1.15 Dead & Improved (opening scene) aired CBS February 6 2014
    Robin Williams “It’s not a jingle, you buffoon, it’s a journey, and your singers are taking us on a detour through crap-o-Slovakia!”

    Jana Kasperkevic ‏@kasperka Feb 6 2014
    Robin Williams just made “crapo-slovakia” joke on @CBS

    And I found Tweet:
    Boris Pršo ‏@borisprso Nov 26 2013
    hey @TwoHalfMen_CBS “President of what? Crapo – Slovakia?” Very stupid lines! @aplusk has to come to Slovakia to see our nice country! Ok?

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