Elementary – Season 2 Episode 15 – Corpse de Ballet Review

Picture 173Oh Sherlock. Isn’t he just brilliant?

This week it’s all about a dead ballerina and a lot of bitchiness.

After a rehearsal, one of the ballerinas ends up on stage sliced in half. What an ending. The murder weapon (one of those things ballerinas use to fix their shoes) belonged to the main ballerina, Iris, so obviously the suspicion was all on her.

Sherlock being very intuitive, uses his sexual ability to find out if Iris is the killer, and due to a shoulder injury that he discovers we know she isn’t. He did get a good shag, so everyone seemed happy. All research leads to the dead girl having a secret boyfriend, and after someone emails a voicemail to the police, they find out it wasn’t a man. It was Iris.

This woman used other women to get the lead every time, seduced them and then dumped them. What a bitch.

Picture 175

Iris has a very keen lawyer who is always meddling in her affairs. To be honest, she does have a past of anger issues and breaking cameras and stuff. So, Sherlock using his intuition discovers that something is really fishy about this lawyer. He was the killer.

It was interesting, however what Watson was up to was more interesting. She volunteers helping homeless people, and it was touching to hear why she does it. Her birth father is schizophrenic and lives on the streets. She said she used to see him often but she hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, however, it is obvious he will be in the picture soon. Why bring him up otherwise?

This homeless story leads to Watson discovering a couple who were kidnapping homeless men and stealing their benefit cheques. This plot made my blood boil. Glad those idiots were busted!

Sherlock offers his spare blankets to take to the homeless on the street and Watson seems pleased.

Picture 176


Marcus is back working the beat! Good for him 🙂

Watson’s morning coffee routine with all the ladies was hilarious!

Sorry to point this out (no pun intended), but Iris should’ve worn a bra when she was being questioned. It was a cold dressing room.

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