Person Of Interest – Season 3 Episode 14 – Provenance Review

ImageJohn pretty much came out with exactly how he’s feeling at the beginning of Provenance with his line: “New suit, new man.” He’s looking good in the new threads, but let’s be real for a quick minute. He’s not over Carter’s death yet. No one is. This week, the guys are hunting down a professional thief, and they don’t just have that to deal with, someone called Agent Bouchard is after the same burglar. He’s been on the case for years (of course he has) and is a bit of a thorn in the team’s side throughout.


ImageShe’s after the Gutenburg Bible. It’s the first printed book in the West, so probably worth a pretty penny! Reese and Shaw attend an event at the Metropolitan Museum of History, where Kelly, a suspected spy is working. It was kind of obvious that after Shaw spoke to her she was going to be heavily involved in the episode. Turns out all you need to be is a hell of a gymnast and you can pretty much rob anything (especially with an Olympic silver medal. LOLZ). She’s been stealing for years, and is the same thief Bouchard has been after all this time. So, after we all saw that coming, there was a little twist. Her number popped up because they had to protect her, not take her in. Provenance felt like an episode that hit the reset button, at the same time as giving us a different kind of number to deal with.

ImageThe person she’s been working for wants her to take the Bible to pay a debt she owes him, and when the team confront her Finch asks about all her murdered accomplices and decoys. Cyril, her boss, is the one who does the killing, and naturally they agree to help her. Shaw even goes with her to steal the Bible while the others are running point, causing problems for the security teams. They get the Bible and go to ‘give it’ to Cyril. She hands it over and tells him she wants her daughter back. She’s done working for him. Shaw shoots him and the coppers run in.

ImageFusco comes into the bar after Shaw shoots the place up, and ‘arrests’ her, keeping her out of harms way like he always does. Kelly’s fate is in Bouchard’s hands now (because any of the main characters would actually be alright with that), but in another pretty obvious move, he let’s her leave the interrogation. He leaves a key to her cuffs on the desk. Anyone else find this pretty dumb? He’s been chasing her for years, and even though she’s not the one selling the items on, she’s definitely the one doing the stealing. So, why didn’t he just arrest her? Later, Bouchard. You’re an idiot! Reese saves her daughter (par for the course) and all is well.

ImageLet’s face it, Carter’s death was a huge moment in this show, and, as it should have, it’s changed the entire landscape of the show. The touching moment at the end of the episode when they were all sat around talking about how the team was back together was awesome. Reese isn’t forgetting Carter anytime soon, and we could all feel his pain when he poured one out for her. Carter’s memory will live on for a long time, and even though we’re back to business, the flag’s still very much flying at half mast.


The Ninja



– Shaw’s white dress? Not really a fan.

– Fusco saying that he could do it for a living was pretty funny. Guess he’s losing faith in the force.

– Like Reese’s new suit!




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