The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 13 – Total Eclipse of the Heart Review

ImageAs if it wasn’t already horrible having to watch 4 seasons of Elena’s indecision, now we have Katherine on full force. She is still living inside Elena’s body and loving every minute of it. The best/worst part is that she is determined to get Stefan back, so she is really pulling all the stops. She even cried for Jeremy.

Anyhow, this episode only had one good thing: The Bitter Ball. An event designed specifically for those who are single or broken hearted (all of the cast of TVD). It even had a shredding station. It was epic and obviously Caroline was forcing everyone to attend.

Unfortunately the rest of the episode wasn’t as exciting as we would’ve hoped. However it’s clear people stopped hoping a long time ago. Again, like the Originals it seems as if these shows can’t live without a teenage witch. This time it’s Bonnie who finds a girl in her class who has powers, and helps them perform a spell (latin slang) to save Jeremy. Poor kid has been taken hostage by Damon and his new friend Enzo. It’s so conflicting that his name is Enzo and he has an english accent. It really bothers me.


The episode mainly revolved around Katherine flirting with Stefan, Nadia compelling Matt to get information for her mother (standard), and Damon and Enzo doing the Miley and just wreckin’ ballin’ the place. They’re using that locator spell to find the rest of the Augustines and kill them all forever. Unfortunately they are already one step ahead. Some witch club showed up and made it difficult for Damon and Enzo to finish their very altruistic work.


It is just so boring, the words have run out. There is nothing that we haven’t seen before and it’s just going from bad to worse. The reason behind having a bad Damon again is understandable. He was way more interesting being mean than being Elena’s little puppet. However, we’ve seen it all before and the whole Augustine plot just doesn’t make sense. The reason behind it is probably the other 10000 plots we are dealing with at the moment. Most of them are irrelevant.


Katherine really needs to catch up to Elena’s ways or she’ll get busted. 

Smart of Matt to take vervain, still didn’t cut it. He never gets a break.

Surprising that Caroline hasn’t figured anything out yet. She’s usually one step ahead.



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