Helix – Season 1 Episode 6 – Aniqatiga Review

ImageThis show is just a thriller from hell. Yeah it’s only in its first season but everyone is already dead or dying! However, it’s clear that Syfy’s little baby is going to keep surprising its viewers. It’s all about giving it a chance.

This week it all went even more crazy. Jules is soon to be a vector, and while she’s looking after Hatake’s ‘injury,’ it turns out he’s the one looking after her. He injects her with something, and so the crazy trip begins.Image

The events that followed were very scary because Jules starts to see a little girl walking around the place. A girl with pig tails and a creepy doll. Doesn’t get much scarier than that! All this time she’s actually asleep and trippin’.


Balleseros lives! I also discovered his name was ‘Sergio’ (with a portuguese pronunciation) which makes him all the sexier. Anyway, he’s inside a woman’s house. She saved him and dragged him there. Now that he’s out she’s asking about the facility and about her brother. This woman tells Balleseros there’s been 31 missing kids over the last two decades within 200 miles of the facility. Hatake’s in her sights – she wants the info, and she’s not gonna let him leave that easily.


Also, knowing that Hatake’s right hand man attacked Balleseros, makes his boss quite pissed. By the way, he keeps using secret doors and passages to move around the facility and it is as cool as it is intriguing. Call me skeptical, but even though Hatake seems like a nasty guy, something tells me he is not really the bad guy here. Horses for courses..

Jules trip ends on a high note when she discovers that she IS the little girl. The whole time, Peter is there too. So she suddenly wakes up looking healthy and fresh as a cucumber with the same shiny eyes as Hatake and a powerful new look. Courtesy of Hatake’s wet dreams about Jules probably…


Alan and his ‘assistant’ got busy, which was nice. Blow off some steam, you two!

The biggest twist was the story of Daniel, he disappeared and he is the brother of the woman who kidnapped Balleseros. Their twin brother shows up to the woman’s house and Balleseros attacked him because…tuuuun tuuuun… he looks just like Hatake’s right hand man! Bet you didn’t see this one coming!

The Ninja’s Assistant


If Hatake kidnapped all those children around the area, there is probably a reason for it. Never justifiable though! At least not yet…

A hint of FRINGE people?

When the water suit helped slow Peter’s virus down, the doctor said it was ‘progress.’ Where have I heard that before?


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